Henny Youngman

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 “King of the One Liners” 

And now for Henny Youngman. “We saw and heard him when he came to  Milwaukee and performed at the Pfister’s Top of the Pfister’s Hotel Room”. He was extremely funny and entertaining and performed a clean show. It was non stop laughing. As Milton Berle once said about Henny Youngman “The only thing funnier than Henny’s jokes is the violin playing”. 

Henny Youngman was born in Liverpool, England on March 16, 1906. He and his family moved to Brooklyn, New York, when he was a young man. He started out working for a print shop printing ‘comedy cards’ containing ‘one line gags’. His family encouraged him to learn the violin and he led a small jazz band called the Swanee Syncopators’

He often told jokes to the audience and when a regular comedian failed to show Henny took over. This proved to be a success and he began polishing his one liners to perfection, keeping audiences in stitches for decades.

His biggest break came in1937 when Ted Collins, manager for Kate Smith saw and heard him perform. He invited him to do a ten minute routine on her show. It was so successful that he remained on radio to make numerous appearances and became a great hit with the audience.

Youngman never really retired. He worked nightclubs and parties until his final days. He is remembered as a legendary performer and proud of his clean, class act. He died February 24,1998 at the age of 91.

His famous one-liner “Take my wife―please,” became so popular it was included in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. He also appeared in several films, including History of the World, Part I and Goodfellas His autobiography is aptly titled Take My 

Life, Please! 

Just to leave you laughing a few of Henny’s ‘one liners’.

Henny says he had a very fine doctor. If you can’t afford the operation, he’ll touch up the x-rays.

I just got back from a pleasure trip. I drove my mother-in-law to the airport.

My Mother-in- law rarely goes without saying.

I’ve been married for fifty years and I’m still in love with the same woman. If my wife finds ever finds out, she’ll kill me. You get the point.

Henny Youngman:

Born: March 16, 1906; Whatechapel, London, England

Deid: February 24, 1998; New York, New York of pneumonia