The Phil Cook Show

Cook, Phil

Phil Cook

Born: September 27, 1893; Coldwater, Michigan

Died: September 18, 1958


BLUE, CBS, 1930-1952

Phil Cook was an early radio personality who hosted a long series of 15-minute morning programs. He played the ukulele, sang and chatted about events of the day. He was referred to as the "Quaker Oats Morning Man" during the 1930-1932 seasons, when the show was sponsored by that company. He played 13 different parts on this program and "Okay, Kernal" became a catch phrase. The 1933-1934 version of his show was called the "Silver Dust Serenade," again because of the sponsor's name. The 1938-1940 version was called "Phil Cook's Almanac," featuring dialogues between a cast of imaginary characters. In 1941, the program became "Cook's Kitchen," appearing WABC for 11 years. Along with other early-morning foolishness, Cook often sang the news, weather reports and school closings. He also wrote and starred in a 1944 CBS program, "Cook 'n' Corn.