Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons

Mister Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons

Bennett Kilpack

Born on February 6, 1883 in Suffolk, England

Died on August 18, 1962 in Santa Monica, California of cancer


BLUE, CBS, NBC, 1937-1955

A mystery series created and produced by Frank and Anne Hummert. This was originally a 15-minute program featuring a private detective who traced lost persons through their complicated personal lives. When the show changed to a 30-minute format in 1943, it became a fairly standard mystery drama, and Mr. Keen investigated murders with the help of a not very smart assistant, Mike Clancy. The show again became a 15-minute serial in 1954, with 15-minute and 30-minutes versions running concurrently. Bennett Kilpack was Mr. Keen for most of the run, although the role was also played by Phil Clarke and Arthur Huges. Jim Kelly was Mike Clancy. The announcers were Larry Elliott and James Fleming. Music was sometimes provided by the Al Rickey orchestra, other times by organist John Winters.

If you want to learn more about the long running series, radio historian Jim Cox has written the definitive book on the subject. Oddly enough the title of the book is "Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons." The book can be purcheased from McFarland Publishers at or by calling 1-800-253-2187.